"I smoked for quite a few years. After I quit, I wanted to whiten my teeth. My dentist quoted $250. Your kit worked great and I appreciate not having to spend a fortune."
Barry - Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Outstanding customer service! I had the product several days after I ordered it and it shipped from west coast to east coast. The product is fantastic and easy to use. Thanks. I definitely will be a repeat purchaser!!!"
Donna-Marie - North Babylon, New York

"I recently got my braces off, and wanted a whiter smile. My parents ordered me the Deluxe Bleach Pro Whitening Kit, and now my teeth are as white as snow! Thank you so much for your wonderful products! :)"
Meghan - Georgetown, Delaware

"I've tried several different whitening systems that I purchased online and from [retail store]. The 22% whitening kit I received from Bleach Pro worked better than any of the others by far. I'm very impressed with the results and will be a customer from now on. Thanks."
Valerie - Los Angeles, California

"I feel like I have gained self confidence after using Bleach Pro's whitening kit. My teeth were stained from earlier years of smoking and I was somewhat embarrassed to smile in front of people. Now, everyone compliments me on how white my teeth look and it really feels great to hear that. I can't tell you how glad I am that I tried your products."
Tracy - Houston, Texas

"I'd been thinking about having my teeth whitened. One of my co-workers told me about Bleach Pro after I mentioned how white her teeth looked. So, I bought a kit and it really worked super! I'm ordering another kit for my Aunt. Thanks."
Susan - Piney Point, Maryland

"I've had really good results using your bleaching kit. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants whiter teeth."
Donna - Bradenton, Florida

"Just writing to say thanks for a great product - the shipping (to Australia) was fast and the product everything the site promised it to be. I'm delighted. Thanks."
Geoff - Melbourne, Australia

"I bought your standard whitening kit mainly because I had dipped smokeless tobacco for years and my teeth were pretty cruddy looking. To be honest, I didn't think anything could get them white again. But after using the kit, I couldn't believe the difference. You guys have a great product."
Tex - Spring, Texas

"I have to say that I was very satisfied and the results surpassed my expectations. I had my teeth bleached at a dentist about 7 or 8 years ago and I recall paying about $300. I honestly had better results with your bleaching kit using it at home."
Robert - Reno, Nevada

"Wow, this bleaching product is awesome and a great price. I bought 5 of the strongest kind and got one free - it was cheaper than my dentist office. First bleaching I could tell my teeth were whiter."
Stephen - Asheboro, North Carolina

"I had excellent results using the whitening gel. My teeth are whiter than I had hoped. It beats the other whitening kits I've ordered in the past... HANDS DOWN!"
Peter - New York, New York

"I got into smoking cigars, which I still do, but they tend to stain your teeth over time. I decided to try Bleach Pro after looking over your website. Worked great!"
Steven - Ames, Iowa

"Hi Guys!...are you kidding me? The whitening gel I received was great and so much more than I received from my dentist, who charged me $100 for a kit with 3 syringes. Your prices are the best I've found online. I still have my own dental trays from my dentist so that was a bonus for me, but I must say, the stuff really works. My teeth already look 10 times better."
Jim - Oakland, California


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